Basy Tropikalne #1 (Latin America)

by Basy Tropikalne

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Basy Tropikalne started exactly a year ago in Wrocław, Poland as a weekly radio show presenting electronic music scene from tropical regions of the world. Now, after almost 50 episodes aired live on Radio Luz, it is time to turn into a netlabel and release a first compilation that gathers artists introduced throughout the last 12 months. Basy Tropikalne #1 focuses on the region of Latin America with majority of tracks being previously unpublished.

We kick off with lovely Carla Valenti who hails from the northern parts of Chile and who started producing music in 2015 after several years of gaining experience as a respected DJ. Last year has also seen her founding an amazing imprint La Chimba Discos via which she releases most of her work. Carla - currently based in the city of São Paulo - contributes a very lively song called Gitana which is enriched by traditional latino vocals.

Next up is Carla's fellow Chilean musician Derrok who hypnotizes with his Andean house track Quebradas. The song has a strong connection to nature as its title relates to all kinds of geological lines for water flow, very common in every hill. This composition is therefore a tribute to the life that transports the quebradas from the top of the mountain to the valleys and the microfauna and microflora that lives in those magical places.

As we move on to El Traste we leave Chile and head to Colombia. The artist, known for his unusual style, brings the surprising connection of contemporary sounds with the traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms. La Roland No Se Que supposedly tells the story of a battle that took place some time ago in Cartagena between two DJs - El Leon and El Rata Piano. The latter allegedly shocked everyone with his Roland SP-555 which is very rarely used in champeta music.

The following song, Falando Dos Mortos, is a result of collaboration between Fértil Discos affiliate Jin Yerei and Kona. The second one of these two once bumped into JY's studio and started playing Brazilian melodies on the guitar - this became a starting point of the track which eventually turned into a danceable composition with oriental melodies that were recorded entirely through one day only.

Subsequent track belongs to Lagatijeando, one of the most important artists of Argentinean electronic music scene, a leading member of ZZK Records and veteran of Buenos Aires' renowned Zizek Club. In short yet intensive Copando La Cale he mixes Brazilian drums with hip hop beats.

Brazil is also where Nacho Libre comes from. In this project Andreh Torres tries to reinterpret old latino songs by bringing energy from the forest and ancient people of Latin America lands. The song La Madre is a translation of the experience that one encounters after drinking Ayahuaska, a psychedelic brew that is used in ceremonies held in Amazonia.

Then Lascivio Bohemia, a multicultural music producer from Ecuador's capital Quito, appears. After the release of his wonderful EP Afro Andes this time he strikes with La Visherita Flashera, a strange fusion of Argentinean cumbia villera with alien electronic sounds. The result is an outerspace cumbia with powerful kicks, mystic pads and colourful melodies that invade the soul of the listener.

Succeeding track belongs to Radiola Serra Alta, a mysterious duo from Brazilian state Pernambuco. Dressed as local folcloric characters from the Triunfo carnaval (O Veinha and O Careta) their real identities remain secret. This electronic double act promotes a dialogue between local traditional music and new technologies which can be perfectly heard on the Eu Pisei Na Pedra, a song off their fantastic Computador de Ciço album which has been produced by the one and only Chico Correa.

Nidos is a peaceful song dedicated to birds and their nests and its author is Nicolas Bruschi, an artist hailing from Buenos Aires where he started as an instrumentalist and songwriter but after discovering digital possibilities decided to give birth to a new project - SidiRum. This led to the features in numerous online magazines writing about tropical music and allowed him to play live all over South America.

Next we bump into another Argentinean - namely San Ignacio who is based in Delta del Paraná. In La Manufacturación De Lotes Masivos De Anestesia (name of the track comes from the passage of Roberto Bolaños' book 2666) the artist claim to do things a little bit differently than usually which resulted in no vocals or strings used in the song. Worth mentioning is the fact that San Ignacio visited Wrocław once and even called one of his compositions after the city (Breslau from the Costa EP).

The compilation is finished with two edits. The first one comes from a local favourite who tried his luck on Cymande's Getting It Back. DJ Ryan R is an exotic project of one of the most entertaining and fascinating DJs based in Wrocław. In his energetic sets he focuses on tropical rhythms, smoothly jumping from African drums to Caribbean sounds.

The last track is a bonus as it is the only song from the release which is connected to Africa. Loulia was edited by Sanmon and Phil Pohlodek, two artists from Bern, Switzerland. They have been long time friends and collaborators in the local electronic underground scene with their collective Spiegelkiste. Upon hearing Débruit & Alsarah's track Loulia both instantly fell in love with the energy transported by the vocal and decided to have a take at it giving the near a-capella Sudanese folk tune their own twist. The whole track has an underlying field recording from the mesoamerican jungle as well as rhythmic samples recorded by Phil during his recent trip to Mexico. Sanmon adds a hypnotical acid line and a laid back house groove to give it the desired clubby feeling.

Compiled by: Mikołaj Kierski
Mastering: Barnabás Kiss (known as Aluphobia from Babylon Records)
Artwork: Marta Chojnacka (, )

Thank you all. Gracias.


released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Basy Tropikalne Wrocław, Poland

Named 'one of the go-to sources for new electronic and bass music from Africa and Latin America' by Sounds and Colours, Basy Tropikalne is a weekly radio show held in Wrocław, Poland. Its main mission is to present electronic music scene from tropical regions of the world with the main emphasis being put on Latin America and Africa. ... more

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